Black Creatives Program In TikTok To Nurture New Talents

Partnership lead and entertainment strategy is the reason behind the enormous TikTok user base in India. Each day the platform observes thousands of videos getting uploaded and understands the diversity of the user base. TikTok videos are a viable meme material for Internet inhabitants. Still, the app has boosted the confidence of first-time users and has given rise to several new creators. TikTok has successfully studied user behavior based on their demographics, which in turn enabled the platform to be sticky and loyal to buy TikTok views. Various digital marketing specialists found their clients taking TikTok on a serious note.

TikTok collaborated with the NBA to showcase game highlights, behind the scene footage, and celebrities’ participation in community engagement challenges. Currently, popular brands in the United States such as FIFA, Sony, Huawei, and Calvin Klein are active on the platform. Earlier in 2018, TikTok utilized the UK market by hosting challenges relevant to New Year and Christmas.

Each social media network has varying shelf lives. TikTok faced challenges in sustaining and holding on to the user’s interests initially. But for now, TikTok is dominating the social media ecosystem and other communication apps. TikTok provides an exclusive approach to customers in showcasing their self-beliefs. To be more specific, various brands spotted synergy with TikTok.

TikTok is ahead of other social media platforms when it comes to creative resources and innovation. TikTok previously introduced a Small Business Resource Centre, Creator Fund, and a new question and answer feature to encourage its more inventive and popular creators. Ahead of all, TikTok’s Black Creatives program assures a landmark in 2021 and brings in tremendous changes for every participant.

Black creators have always been a driving force on TikTok. They built connections among audiences of all age groups by inspiring and entertaining them. TikTok makes an effort to amplify and elevate their voices with commitment. TikTok announces an incubator program that aims to support the upcoming Black creators and music artists of the platform.

The program focuses on developing and nurturing music artists and hundreds of Black creatives. The program paves the way for them to attain new milestones in their careers. For a period of three months, the participants need to attend talks of Celebrities and Black entrepreneurs actively involved in community building forums, will be provided with platform-oriented training, and gain insights from -executives. #ImBlackMovement was created by Lex Scott, founder of Black Lives Matter, in response to Black creators’ censorship in the platform. The Blackout was conducted on May 19, Malcolm X’s birthday, where the social media users had a profile picture of a raised Black fist.

TikTok declared a series of initiatives earlier in June as an impact of #BlackLivesMatter protests. To support the Black community in a better way, TikTok established a creator diversity council and offered a donation of three million dollars to non-profits that focused on helping Black Community. TikTok has run various campaigns that supported Black creators and artists, including an exclusive focus on Blackout Tuesday and #ShopBlack campaign to promote businesses owned by Black on the platform. Earlier in November, TikTok introduced an online hub offering education and support to Black business owners.

TikTok ensures that its younger audiences are exposed to a diverse stream of content from a wider range of creators, then the expanded viewpoint is transferred to the next generation. TikTok is working to rectify racial bias within algorithms. The creators program is a step ahead in maximizing the scope of contents viewed by the TikTok users. Also, TikTok is collaborating with MACRO- a media company committed to enhancing POC voices. The company enables a small group of creators and artists with educational resources, production equipment, and other content development tools.  

To apply for the program, the user needs to visit the Black Creatives homepage. The user needs to create an original video combined with third party music for one minute. The video should convey who you are as a creator in TikTok. It can be done as a compilation or a single video, where it needs to emphasize your creativity and personality. By clicking the apply now button, you will be requested to mention the necessary details such as name, contact information, date of birth, TikTok username, content category, follower count, and so on. TikTok declared that there is no minimum requirement for follower count. The finalists may be stated in February.