How Unique Is TikTok From Other Social Applications

TikTok is the platform that grabbed the eyeballs of people from the day it was introduced. A large number of people are attracted by the platform at the first experience with this lip-synching application. However, in recent times, no other social app has gained enormous reach as TikTok. Within the first year of its launch, TikTok has increased a vast range. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, turned into the most valued start-up at that time. Within two years of its launch, the social application managed to gain a fanbase for it in various countries. Notably, the platform gained a substantial fanbase for it in the USA.

Hence, every brand should go with TikTok to maximize their conversion rates. The platform largely influenced teens. According to a survey that was taken in 2018, around 65% of American teens are users of TikTok. After the advent of TikTok, they discarded all the social platforms in which they were active. Following this, the social application has gained massive importance in these countries, which eventually lead to attaining enormous reach. The social platform had emerged into one of the leading platforms for advertisements. TikTok began to compete with Facebook and Instagram in all aspects. Companies had started to spend a considerable sum of their social media advertising budget to TikTok. One of the reasons that are sought to be the reason for the success of TikTok is that social application drives people to exhibit their hidden skills and attain enormous growth. 

TikTok assured a higher engagement from the very moment it became famous. It is wholly a performance-oriented platform, unlike Facebook. The content in this platform entirely revolves around individuals. A person should come forward and do some activity according to the background audio. Gradually, the person will get glued to the platform by doing various performances. Thus, the person will get more engaged with the platform. TikTok is also regarded as the ‘talent-hunt’ platform, which has helped many people to explore their hidden talents. The platform acted as a talent exploring tool, helping many people to find their inner skills. All these factors have only maximized the bond between TikTok and an individual. Hence, this is the factor that made TikTok a huge hit in a short period. Many people started to spend a lot of their time on TikTok, thereby giving very little importance to other social applications. Brands should buy tiktok likes to level-up their reach in a short time.

One of the significant factors that also played a massive role in the reach of TikTok is that it had an enormous chunk of entertaining content. The social platform is the home to endless hilarious content that would help people relieve their daily stress. But, things are different for other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These social platforms had both severe and comic content. For instance, Facebook has evolved into a platform where many global issues are discussed. People express their opinion about everything happening around them. Thus, Facebook also has another face as a knowledge-sharing social platform. People choose this social application Facebook to know about various perspectives about an ongoing global issue.

But, TikTok is a social application that was completely dedicated to entertainment. People are getting exposed to a large number of fun videos, which helped them stay with it. Thus, the platform has turned into a stress-reliever for many people. Subsequently, it had gained a massive reach for it and was able to compete with Facebook. Due to its unique feature, many other leading social platforms are unable to compete with TikTok. The unique characteristic of TikTok has made people choose this platform over others. Today, governing bodies of major countries have opened their TikTok due to its whooping user base. Hence, it has become compulsory for all the brands to promote their brands on TikTok. Today, the lip-synching application has turned into a significant competitor for Facebook and Instagram. The growing user base of this social application has passed jitters to these significant social applications. However, it is believed that TikTok will rule the social media world for at least the next few years. People continue to spend their time on this social application mostly. Though the app has become more competitive, it has helped brands to generate a large number of leads.