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How To Create Instagram Stories For Your Brands? (With Profit)

Many years ago, Instagram Stories were initiated as they quickly managed to peak up other social media platforms. Having millions of regular users, brands can gain more out of Instagram. It not only works for influencers but also for several brands. You might be an artist wishing to reveal your creativity to your audience or even might have started your small business. However, In 2021, Instagram stories have got the real potential to increase online visibility. Here, in this article, we will discuss how to make Instagram stories for your brands and business. Thus, Instagram stories will leverage your profile to gain profitable results. You can leverage free Instagram followers trial to maximize your followers rate.

1. Why & When To Use

The first step to gain success using Instagram stories is to plan their usage. When posted online, Instagram stories stay for a short span of 24 hours. After which, it disappears fastly, and that makes them look unique. When thinking about Instagram, it brings a sense of exclusive concepts. People feel crazy to click that colorful circle over your account photo, and it provides you a robust reason why you need to apply Instagram stories.

When it comes to the question section for Instagram stories, the reply is pretty attractive. The success rate for Instagram stories depends on consistency.

2. Design Your Stories

Start to craft your customized stories on Instagram and other social media platforms. If you keep a unique style of visual content, it will make your stories identifiable. Then your audience will be able to guess the content before they look at your name. In this part, we have collected ideas on how to customize your Instagram, particularly similar to the content you post as Instagram stories.


By working with a consistent filter on your Instagram content, it supports you to provide a strong identity. Filters will make you identifiable among your followers. Also, it works for Instagram stories. Even though the types of content on the stories might not let you apply the same filter, perform it whenever you can.


For Instagram story types it comes with a black backdrop. Say, for example, when you share a screenshot of someone else’s video story, don’t exit it out black. Start to tweak your stories with the background. It’s best practice to maintain this background consistently and by the complete identity, you keep on your profile and stories.


Instagram stories is a perfect feature where you can be playful and creative. Stickers are cute and funny as your Instagram followers connect with you. Don’t be scared to use stickers or two on your Instagram story. The library of stickers on Instagram stories is massive. You can select from every usual emojis, customized stickers, popular hashtags, and labels.


If you have a short time to make a unique, consistent, attractive look for your Instagram Stories. Then it’s always a good option to use templates. Templates on Instagram stories usually come in groups with various types of layouts made in the same pattern. If you need to share quotes, group images, images with quotes, advertise your new posts and products. Additionally, the call-to-action button works perfectly on the template of Instagram stories.

3. Become Popular

You can make your profile popular on Instagram by using a successful strategy with an influencer or business account.

Stay Active

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, hence keeping the spark. Start posting at least one story regularly. It doesn’t need to be the same as the content type for your regular content.

Are you out of ideas for Instagram content? Then you can post a favorite quote or begin a discussion by prompting your fan base to grab questions.

Let Audience Share Your Stories

Let your followers share your content with their community and will support you to reach a wider audience. There are chances on Instagram that allow audiences to re-share your stories and feed posts to their stories or through direct messages.

Enter your profile, click setting, then privacy, then story, and assure the buttons allow re-sharing to stories and then allow sharing is activated.


Hashtags are universal additions for any post. It can make it identifiable by a massive audience. You can also include hashtags for your Instagram stories. It’s always a best practice to catch with trending hashtags. Hence your content reaches more audiences. As a result, you can develop your fan base.

Wrap Up

Instagram stories is absolutely a powerful method that can bring you many profits for the long-term. During the last years, Instagram stories has turned out a real criterion that grabs the focus of the user; as such, it gains more profit.

What Small Businesses Should Do On Instagram?

Small businesses also largely depend on Instagram to improve their business. This is because this social application has become the primary income generator for all sorts of companies. So, if you are striving to grow on Instagram, then you can try the paid services. Because these services will help you hustle the prevailing competition on this social application and drive you to reach great heights in a short period. Today, local businesses are also investing in the capable amount on Instagram, which has helped them maximize their growth effortlessly. Moreover, having a presence on this significant social application Instagram has helped them generate new quality leads. Thus, by having a presence on Instagram, small businesses can also generate foreign clients for them. Thus, in this way, they could enhance their business, which will help them in reaching new heights effortlessly. Thus, Instagram has become the livelihood for many small-scale companies, thereby maximizing conversion rates. So, if you are trying to build your business on Instagram, you can go with the paid services. These services will assure enormous benefits to you and help you in outpacing your competitors. So, go with the paid services to give sustainable growth alongside generating profit for you in the long term. We suggest you go with a paid service because these services are known for driving quality leads in a short span. So, you don’t have to go with anybody to maximize the visibility of your posts. Hence, drive your growth by going with the paid services.

If you are willing to uplift your business on Instagram, then you must possess an Instagram business account. It is the primary essential factor that has been required to drive your growth on this social application. Once you switch your Instagram account from a usual account to a business account, you could quickly maximize the conversion rate. One of the notable advantages of a business account is that it will unlock the analytics. This will avail a massive benefit to you in assessing how your posts have performed on Instagram. So, use the analytics that will give deep insights into the traffic generated by your posts, the number of new visitors, demographics of the new visitors, etc. Thus, the analytics dashboard will let you in crafting a much more efficient strategy. So, switching to a business account will assure huge growth for you in a short period. You can go with free Instagram likes to help your posts gain enormous traffic in a short period. So, find the reliable and credible paid service from the internet, which in turn maximizes the traffic to your posts. Thus, the paid service you use will determine the growth of your business. So, go with credible service, which will propel your business to new levels. The Instagram analytics dashboard will give enormous details of how your posts have been performing, which will eventually help rejuvenate your strategy. 

So, the Instagram analytics dashboard will provide all the necessary data to refine your strategy. Instagram is becoming a more crucial social platform than ever before due to its userbase’s steady rise. Notably, Instagram is also adding new intriguing features to its application, which plays a significant role in sustaining its users.

Though many new social platforms are rolled out over a period of time, it did not affect the user base of Instagram. The advent of new social applications has not restrained the growth of Instagram. Now Instagram, the leading social application has rolled-out Instagram reels, which have been attracting Generation Z. So, make use of Instagram if you have Generation Z as your target audience. Hence, use Instagram and turn it into a business account. Then find the best-paid service. All these measures will help you to gain any number of quality leads. Today, many top brands with a global reputation are also following the tactics that have helped them improve their business. Instagram has commandable features such as Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram reels that have been intriguing features generating new leads. Thus, this new feature will help you crafting compelling content alongside helping people watch eye-catchy content. So, Instagram is the best working social platform for businesses.

Interesting Instagram Statistics That Every Marketer Need To Know In 2020

Instagram has grown immensely in its popularity and continues to broaden its reach and horizons. If you are a business or marketing person, it is essential to know Instagram’s latest facts and statistics to make sure you are updated with the right information. Instagram, as a visual sharing application, has grown its success in a long way. The platform was used for sharing pictures of vacationers and has now developed to support various kinds of Influencers, advertisers, and brands.

Instagram is one of the biggest and free social media networking platform provider’s services for sharing photos and videos. Instagram allows you to follow users that you are interested in so that it displays content from your favorite Instagrammers on your home page feed. The home page feed shows recent posts from everyone you follow, like, or comment. Instagram is another version of Facebook that emphasizes visual sharing and mobile use.   

More than 25 million companies are using Instagram for marketing their product or service to reach a range of audiences, and statistics prove that more than 200 million active Instagram users visit or follow one business every day. To succeed on Instagram use flymesocial and, create an Instagram business account and follow these effective strategies to gain more audience attention.

  • Define your audience and steps to target users.
  • Set clear goals based on your business objective
  • Focus on performance metrics: Awareness, Customer Engagement, and Conversion Rate.
  • Create authentic content with compelling captions and post consistently.
  • Collaborate with the right Influencer and run Influencer campaigns.
  • Promote your account.
  • Measure your performance through Instagram Analytics.

Important Instagram Statistics 2020

Instagram User Statistics

Instagram has over more than 1 billion active users who are a significant milestone for visual sharing social media applications. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications globally and competes with social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and much more. Over five years ago, Instagram had 130 million active users, and since then, the platform has grown ten times. At the start, Instagram was used by Generation Z and Millennial and now has evolved as one of the best social media platforms for business and Influencer marketing.

Popularity Of Instagram

With more active users and increasing audience attention, Instagram is considered to be the second most engaged social media networking platform next to Facebook. So if you have not been using Instagram as a marketing platform, it is the right time to build your community and improve your business engagements. To gain more engagement, follow these steps:

  • Leverage Instagram stories
  • Hold giveaways and contests
  • Use the right hashtag and captions to target the right audience

Instagram Conquers Teenagers

More than 70% of active Instagram users are younger audiences, mostly Millennial and Generation Z people who are mostly aged between 15 and 35. Understanding Instagram user demographics will help brands to determine their target audience and how brands can use Instagram to utilize most of the audience targeting. If your target audience is younger generation users, then Instagram is the right platform to market your business. Understand your audience and create the right authentic content that fits your follower’s needs.

Time Spent On Instagram

Instagram users spend 50 minutes per day as much time on Instagram by creating content, using free instagram likes and discovering content they follow, visiting business product pages. The more time users spend matters most for businesses because more time they see advertisements. It increases the opportunity of viewing brand products and product landing pages.

Instagram Business Statistics

  1. Instagram Business Usage Stats

Instagram is becoming popular in business marketing, where an estimated 70% of businesses use Instagram for marketing purposes. Research also proves that out of ten, seven Instagram hashtags are branded and gains more essential metrics.

  1. Instagram Brand Impacts

More than 80% of Instagram users have revealed that they discover new products and services on Instagram. Most users also use the platform as a search to find product offers, information, and product landing websites. Instagram is bridging the gap between sellers and buyers and makes a positive impression on potential shoppers.

  1. Instagrammers Follow Brands

More than 50% of active Instagram users support at least one brand, which increases the opportunity for marketers to increase their brand reach through Instagram.

  1. Instagram As A Shopping Medium

E-commerce businesses gain more advantage on Instagram. The engaging platform has a substantial impact on a shopping journey where more than 80 percent of users decide whether to buy products or services. Influencer marketing plays a vital role in the Instagram shopping feature, especially for businesses targeting the younger generation.