Interesting Instagram Statistics That Every Marketer Need To Know In 2020

Instagram has grown immensely in its popularity and continues to broaden its reach and horizons. If you are a business or marketing person, it is essential to know Instagram’s latest facts and statistics to make sure you are updated with the right information. Instagram, as a visual sharing application, has grown its success in a long way. The platform was used for sharing pictures of vacationers and has now developed to support various kinds of Influencers, advertisers, and brands.

Instagram is one of the biggest and free social media networking platform provider’s services for sharing photos and videos. Instagram allows you to follow users that you are interested in so that it displays content from your favorite Instagrammers on your home page feed. The home page feed shows recent posts from everyone you follow, like, or comment. Instagram is another version of Facebook that emphasizes visual sharing and mobile use.   

More than 25 million companies are using Instagram for marketing their product or service to reach a range of audiences, and statistics prove that more than 200 million active Instagram users visit or follow one business every day. To succeed on Instagram use flymesocial and, create an Instagram business account and follow these effective strategies to gain more audience attention.

  • Define your audience and steps to target users.
  • Set clear goals based on your business objective
  • Focus on performance metrics: Awareness, Customer Engagement, and Conversion Rate.
  • Create authentic content with compelling captions and post consistently.
  • Collaborate with the right Influencer and run Influencer campaigns.
  • Promote your account.
  • Measure your performance through Instagram Analytics.

Important Instagram Statistics 2020

Instagram User Statistics

Instagram has over more than 1 billion active users who are a significant milestone for visual sharing social media applications. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications globally and competes with social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and much more. Over five years ago, Instagram had 130 million active users, and since then, the platform has grown ten times. At the start, Instagram was used by Generation Z and Millennial and now has evolved as one of the best social media platforms for business and Influencer marketing.

Popularity Of Instagram

With more active users and increasing audience attention, Instagram is considered to be the second most engaged social media networking platform next to Facebook. So if you have not been using Instagram as a marketing platform, it is the right time to build your community and improve your business engagements. To gain more engagement, follow these steps:

  • Leverage Instagram stories
  • Hold giveaways and contests
  • Use the right hashtag and captions to target the right audience

Instagram Conquers Teenagers

More than 70% of active Instagram users are younger audiences, mostly Millennial and Generation Z people who are mostly aged between 15 and 35. Understanding Instagram user demographics will help brands to determine their target audience and how brands can use Instagram to utilize most of the audience targeting. If your target audience is younger generation users, then Instagram is the right platform to market your business. Understand your audience and create the right authentic content that fits your follower’s needs.

Time Spent On Instagram

Instagram users spend 50 minutes per day as much time on Instagram by creating content, using free instagram likes and discovering content they follow, visiting business product pages. The more time users spend matters most for businesses because more time they see advertisements. It increases the opportunity of viewing brand products and product landing pages.

Instagram Business Statistics

  1. Instagram Business Usage Stats

Instagram is becoming popular in business marketing, where an estimated 70% of businesses use Instagram for marketing purposes. Research also proves that out of ten, seven Instagram hashtags are branded and gains more essential metrics.

  1. Instagram Brand Impacts

More than 80% of Instagram users have revealed that they discover new products and services on Instagram. Most users also use the platform as a search to find product offers, information, and product landing websites. Instagram is bridging the gap between sellers and buyers and makes a positive impression on potential shoppers.

  1. Instagrammers Follow Brands

More than 50% of active Instagram users support at least one brand, which increases the opportunity for marketers to increase their brand reach through Instagram.

  1. Instagram As A Shopping Medium

E-commerce businesses gain more advantage on Instagram. The engaging platform has a substantial impact on a shopping journey where more than 80 percent of users decide whether to buy products or services. Influencer marketing plays a vital role in the Instagram shopping feature, especially for businesses targeting the younger generation.