Danger around Electrical Outlets

Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern world. It powers our homes, bringing us warmth, light and entertainment. Texas electricity Just Energy provides power for tons of homes in Texas. However, even though it is so helpful, electricity can also be very dangerous. This is especially true when it comes to electric outlets in the home. If homeowners aren’t careful, someone could get shocked by one of the outlets in their home. Just Energy Texas advises customers on how to be safe. Here is a look at keeping electric outlets in the home safe.

Avoid Wet Hands

One of the most common ways that people get shocked from electric outlets is by touching them with wet hands. Water is one of the best conductors of electricity, and plugging or unplugging anything with wet hands is an invitation for a shock. While this kind of shock will not likely do any serious damage, it will be very unpleasant. Everyone should always dry hands thoroughly before plugging or unplugging anything from an outlet.

Keep Outlets Away from Water

Again, water and electric do not mix. Rooms that have a lot of water being used should never have outlets within reach of splashing water. Make sure to remove any outlets that are near a sink or shower. All electric outlets should also be ground fault circuit interrupting, which will help to eliminate the chances of a fire if water comes in contact with them.

Cover up Those Outlets

When young children are in a home, they are naturally curious. They love to explore their environment, and one of the most natural ways they explore is by touching everything within reach with their hands. This will include electric outlets if they are within reach. Parents should always keep electric outlets sealed up with plastic plugs when they are not in use. A child could be killed if they happened to stick their finger into an open outlet. Avoid this unnecessary tragedy by always keeping any outlet below an adult’s waist covered with plastic plugs.

Avoid Overloading a Circuit

One common way that electric fires get started is by overloading an electric circuit. This can happen when people plug too many devices into one outlet. This often happens when people use extension cords to increase the number of devices they can plug into one outlet. Anyone who wants to plug more than two electric devices into the same outlet should use a power strip. This will prevent the circuit from being overloaded.

Use the Professionals

Always contact a professional if an outlet needs to be rewired. Amateurs who rewire outlets often fail to do so safely. This can lead to a fire if the wiring is done poorly. It could even lead to a person getting shocked.

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  • September 15th, 2013 by admin

Fueling the Future Today

Natural gas is being characterized as the major fuel that will bridge the gap between the widespread use of fossil fuels and the cleaner, sustainable fuels that will dominate the future of society. There has been plenty of good evidence piling up to support this notion; however, the proposition now seems to be completely solidifying as more and more cars and trucks are designed to use compressed natural gas as their fuel supply.

In the past, the majority of vehicles designed to use natural gas fuel cells were being installed in only large trucks and other forms of less conventional equipment. Today, the natural gas fuel cell is approaching levels of use in the traditional automotive industry that can lead one towards using the words “standard equipment.” As manufacturers strive to make cars that are evermore fuel efficient, the idea of a natural gas fuel cell becomes all the more appealing. The consumer desire for efficiency mixed with a healthy dose of utility is at its most apparent in crossover vehicles, leaving little doubt that natural gas is the future fuel for all vehicles of this kind.

One top of this trend in manufacturing, fueling stations around the country are beginning to offer compressed natural gas as an option for drivers. This huge change breaks down one of the major barriers that was holding back natural gas a fuel supply for auto makers. People had been hesitant to make the switch because of the limited places at their disposal to refuel their vehicle. Now, drivers can access any number of websites to find locations and prices for natural gas stations all across the nation. Sites such as CNGnow.com and CNGprices.com allow customers to plan their trips with no problems whatsoever.

The low cost of the fuel and even lower levels of emissions produced when the cells are in operation are also helping to drive the change forward. In addition to being an extremely popular choice in fuel for crossovers and compact cars, people are putting the potential of natural gas to work for them in the home. Many families and individuals are meeting virtually all their energy needs through the use of compressed natural gas. Enjoying competitive rates, high levels of efficiency, and a boom in popularity, Ohio residents are taking control of their energy consumption by using resources such as www.ohiogascompanies.com to find the best providers in their area. There is also little doubt that as the market expands, the competition increases, and our technologies associated with harvesting natural gas become more sophisticated, the prices will only decrease even more.

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Tidal In-Stream Energy versus River In-Stream Energy

Tidal in-stream energy production and river in-stream energy production systems have several similarities and a few key differences. The main similarity is of course that they both use water to generate energy. In addition to that, neither of these systems require dams to be built in order to harness the power of the water. This is an incredibly positive aspect of both, as it avoids the adverse environmental effects caused by dams, and should dramatically reduce the costs associated with implementation.

The main difference between tidal and river in-stream energy (more…)

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  • May 24th, 2013 by admin

Top Five Countries for Wind Turbines

With each passing year, more countries are starting to use wind power as an alternative energy source. Here are the top five countries for wind turbines.

China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Wind power will be necessary to help supply all of the country’s energy demands. China’s traditional energy sources may not be able to provide for everyone.

United States
The United States is a good market for the use of (more…)

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